Dice Tower & Tray Kit

Dice Tower & Tray Kit


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Make your own dice tower and tray with this easy-to-assemble kit! Tower and tray are made from 1/8″ (3mm) Russian Birch, laser cut to fit together perfectly. Embellishment sets available; Police Box, Castle, Steampunk & Celtic Dragon.

12 in stock


Make your own dice tower and tray with this easy-to-assemble kit!

Dice tower and tray are made from 1/8″ (3mm) Russian Birch (Grade BB/BB) that’s laser cut to ensure each piece fits together perfectly. Use wood glue to assemble the pieces – no tools necessary.

Then decorate the tower and tray to suit your gaming style. The unfinished birch takes paint or stain really well. You can also collage the pieces or even wood-burn a unique design.

Embellishment kits also available (police box, castle, steampunk and Celtic dragon).

Dice tower measures 4” x 4” x 8”.

Dice tray measures 8½” x 4½” x 1½”.

Assembly Tips

  • Dry fit all the pieces so you are sure you have them sorted out correctly.
  • Use a wood glue. Fast trying works best. Do not use a glue that foams/expands (i.e., Gorilla Glue). The pieces are tight enough that you don’t need that type of adhesive.
  • The tray has 5 pieces – the bottom, 2 long sides (identical pieces), 2 short sides (identical pieces).
  • The tower has 8 pieces. Two of the pieces are the left and right sides of the tower. You will find a faint L and R engraved on those two long pieces. The L and R go towards the INSIDE of the tower.
  • You might find it easiest to lay the L down on a table (L facing up) and insert the 3 baffles (2 small, 1 large – the large baffle has 2 straight edges and 2 keyed edges). Then lay the R on top. Then you can add the back and finally the bottom.
  • It helps to rubber band the tower together to help it hold in place while the glue sets.
  • The felt liner is for the tray. It’s peel and stick. Do that after you have decorated everything.
  • The extra strip of felt is intended to be cut in to small squares and use on the bottom corners of the tray andtower (so they don’t scratch your table when you use them).

Embellishment sets sold separately


Joe RotellaDesigned By Joe Rotella

Joe’s work has appeared in Scrap & Stamp Arts, Just Cards, Just Steampunk! and Somerset Studio Gallery magazines. He’s been a guest on Crafting at the Spotted Canary with Joy Macdonell and Scrapbook Soup TV. Look for him on the new TV show, Make It Artsy, airing on PBS and Create TV in September 2016.

He’s won Archiver’s One-of-a-Kind Wall Art contest and blue ribbons at the Ohio State Fair.

He’s served on the Viva Las Vegastamps!, Want2Scrap, USArtQuest and Proxxon design teams. He launched has his own line of chipboard albums and embellishments with Want2Scrap in the summer of 2012.

Additional information

Weight15 oz
Dimensions14 × 10 × 2 in

General Russian (Baltic) Birch Grades:

What To Know: plywood is graded on the appearance of the face and back veneers only (not the core). The better side is called the face, the poorer side is called the back. These grades listed below read “face/back.”

B/BB: Single piece face and back veneer. Face veneers are considered clear and free of defects with a light-uniform color. Back allows 3-6 color matched patches, which are oval in shape and egg sized. Inner cores are solid birch single piece veneers.

BB/BB: Single piece face and back. Both face and back veneers allow 3-6 small color-matched patches on average and some light mineral streaks. Tight pin knots may be present. Inner cores are solid single piece veneers.

Patches in Baltic Birch

You’ll find several football, oval, or irregular shaped patches in either side of Baltic birch. Even the highest grade of Baltic birch allows for patches. While at first glance they might seem unsightly, they’re indeed correcting a worse problem that you wouldn’t like any better – such as knots or discoloration. Fortunately, patches are color matched, so they blend as best as they can to the surrounding areas.


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